• Friday, 23. August 2019 01:21 AM

Free company events

Jessica De'Alkirk

All of our events and raids will now be posted on our calendar. They'll show up on the main page, so you can't miss them. Pre-registration is strongly recommended so that we can set up parties. All groups are assumed to be learning/clear parties for now. Once we get more people set for Shadowbringers raids, we'll be alternating between the raids and the primals.

We will now be implementing a raid point system. Raid Points (RP) can be redeemed on here so you have priority when the requested item drops. Lootmaster drop rules will be applied when RP are redeemed. Getting RP is stupidly easy. All you have to do is pre-register for our events and take part in them. Pre-Shadowbringers events will get you 5 RP, ShB high-end content will get you 20 RP. In ShB events, parsing will be used and the top 3 members of the raid group will get 5 extra points!


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