Our Mission


Our mission is to provide a challenging yet fun experience in games on top of what is already available to the player, and striving to rise amongst the rest. We're not in it for e-sports. We're not in it for Sponsors. We're in it for the heart of the game. GrunSolutions also promotes roleplay as a device for immersion in our activities, be it communicating with Air Traffic Control in YSFlight and Second Life, or holding the line at a base in the middle of Russia in Unturned. We welcome those who are mature, willing to learn and willing to grow with us.


We also like to make it known that as a clan, all are welcome to stay and enjoy each other's company on our forums and public discord server, be they personnel or just someone who wandered upon us.


GrunSolutions was founded as a small Fighter Squadron in YSFlight 2 years ago, and today is shaping to become one of the many pillars of the YSFlight Community. This community, small and withered compared to it's heyday, is one we wish to share with the world, and is a integral part of our mission. It may seem outdated at first, but looking beyond it is a easily accessible game with quite a bit of potential, hence our reason to help share it with others.