Welcome to the home of one of the newest Gaming groups.

Welcome to GrunSolutions, a US-based Gaming organization that operates with a "business-esque" mentality and is based in semi-roleplay activities, while still holding true the tenets of family that is present in many other gaming clans and groups.

GrunSolutions was founded in July 2016 by Nodoka Hanamura as a result of the decision to expand the Grun Squadron; GrunSol's progenitor; outside of YSFlight.

GrunSolutions actively operates in YSFlight, Second Life and Unturned.

GrunSolutions strives for success, as well as being a welcoming and friendly community of gamers, centered around Military Aviation, Military Simulations, Civil Aviation, Aerobatics and other fields.




GrunSolutions operates two major branches - GrunSolutions PMC and GrunSolutions CS (Civil Services).


GrunSolutions PMC

GrunSolutions Personal Military Company is our largest growing branch of GrunSol, and currently operates Three Divisions:


GrunSolutions PMC - YSFlight Division

This is where it all began. From this part of GrunSol comes the Grun Squadron, the progenitor of GrunSol. In July 2016, VFA-121 had joined GrunSol, becoming the first of GrunSol's acquisitions. GrunSol has come to be one of the many respected Groups in the YSFlight Community, and upholds the values of the YSFlight community to this day.

GrunSolutions PMC - Second Life Division

GrunSol's first expansion plan was to expand into Second Life, a Virtual World platform created by Linden Lab, based out of San Francisco, USA. GrunSolutions PMC Second Life Division operates out of Hotei, Sansara, just south of NCI Kuula and adjacent to Smuggler's Cove International Airport, and is currently seeking personnel to join Grun Squadron and Schakal SAR.

GrunSolutions PMC - Unturned Division

The latest expansion of GrunSol was introduced by Italian Grun Squadron E1C Arckoy due to the fact that it was highly accessible (Free as of this writing, and Resource-lax.) and has been expanding, with a estimated 16 million downloads on Steam. GrunSol PMC's Task Force 74 "Ofnir" is currently in development, and is looking for personnel.


GrunSolutions CS

GrunSolutions Civil Services is the other side of the coin, Operating a Virtual Airline and Demonstration Team.

MahouAir Virtual Airline

MahouAir Virtual Airline is a Virtual Airline in YSFlight and Second Life (Coming soon), and has hubs at Mahora City International in Tokyo Prefecture, Japan, Greater Cincinnati International Airport in Kentucky, USA, and Charles De Gaulle International Airport in Paris, France. We serve 62 Different airports throughout the world, and operate three subsidiaries - MahouAir Link, MahouAir Logistics and MahouAir Elite.

Mahora Academy Aviation Club Demonstration Team

In 2015, GrunSolutions founded it's first Demonstration Team, the Mahora Academy Demonstration Team or MADT. Utilizing a optimized Su-35, the MADT is currently being reworked in preparations for the 2016 YSFlight Airshow season, as well as other subgroups under the MADT being established under both YSFlight and Second Life Divisions of GrunSol CS.



We invite you to join our ranks, and become a part of our growing family.